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Please watch this video from Owner/Operator of No Regrets Personal Training, Nick Jack. In this video, Nick outlines the importance of strength training for mature adults.

Family, friends and the media often tell us that aches, pains and copius amounts of medications are a 'normal' part of getting older. Nick is here to tell you that it is NOT normal and you CAN thrive in your older years.
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We understand that beginning your journey to better health can be scary and overwhelming.

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> Do you have a fear of falling?

> Do you worry that you won't be able to enjoy your retirement or will miss seeing your grandchildren grow up?

> Have you noticed a reduction in muscle mass?

> Do you have unrelenting aches and pains that just won't go away?

> Do you have so many medications that you can't keep track anymore?

> Do you feel isolated as you can no longer participate in sports and social activities that you once enjoyed?

Why Do I Need Strength Training?
We have spent several years training with many clients in their 70's, 80's who suffered from many severe injuries that could have been avoided if they had adopted a strength training routine, coupled with a balance training program, a few years earlier. This topic is one I feel very strongly about as I know that we can help people significantly improve their quality of life which is why we are holding our FREE seminar.

The interesting thing is the people who have been training with us consistently for years, who are aged 75+ seem much younger than the 75 year olds just starting out. The comparison is not even close.

As the population continues to increase with age there is a dramatic increase in the % of people with disabilities, injury & other related health problems that could be prevented by adopting strength training in combination with healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. If there is one thing that we need to live a productive and satisfying life well into old age it is functional capacity.

What is quite interesting is that it is also what older adults want. We rarely get a 75 year old saying “I want ripped abs”. It is usually “I want to be able to walk up the stairs without having pain in my hip or feeling like I am going to fall over”. Basically our older clients ALL want to be able to do what they want without fear, limitation or pain. That is, they want function and only a Functional Strength Training method program in combination with nutrition and lifestyle components can achieve this.

The loss of muscle mass with advancing age, which is called sarcopenia, is an important factor to address because it can have a dramatic impact on functional capacity.

The loss of muscle mass with advancing age, which is called sarcopenia, is an important factor to address because it can have a dramatic impact on functional capacity. Below is a picture I have borrowed from Cody Sipe and Dan Ritchie from the Functional Aging Institute and highly recommend you look them up as the stuff these guys are teaching is phenomenal.

There has been many studies that have demonstrated the capability of people as old as 100 years to build muscle through high-intensity resistance training. Even with all of these studies being completed many people still think that older adults are incapable of regaining muscle and strength. Some still think that lifting weights is dangerous. However the fitness industry know that weight training for combatting sarcopenia and building muscle mass is essential for improving function and avoiding disability. However many trainers fearing injury due to their clients lack of stability and strength use machines and isolated body building methods to improve strength. Which although they may achieve the goal of building muscle these movements do not improve the function of their clients, meaning they do not improve the way a person moves in real life. Technique is everything for this client as disaster awaits for the person who uses Bodybuilding techniques or tries movements that are dysfunctional and not relevant to the clients goals.

Strength training, coupled with balance training, can have a major impact on the quality of your life. Not only can it improve your physical health but it can play a vital role in your mental and emotional well being.

The 6 Secrets to Help You Stay Stronger for Longer